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Social media tools for the fashion industry.


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Free Download: the 2017 Social Media Content Planning Calendar

A robust social media editorial planning calendar, customized just for fashion brand social media managers.

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2017 Social Media Content Planning Calendar

Get organized

Plan your social media content to organize your requests. Never miss a post.

Pre-Plan for Key Dates

Plan content for national and trending holidays, including birthdays for fashion icons and other pop culture celebrities


Customize It

The customizable calendar comes in Excel format so you can make it your own.

Key Features

Plan 12 Months on 1 Document

A multi-tab document to help you plan your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat posts, as well as video and blogging content.

Pre-Populated Key 2017 Dates

Pre-populated key dates for 2017 including national and trending holidays and birthdays of fashion icons and other pop culture celebrities.

Detailed How-to Guide

Your download includes a how-to set of instructions to help you make the most of your calendar including in-document tips.

About Social Media Republic

Founded by Social Media Marketer & Brand Journalist Mani O’Brien who has more than seven years of experience directing social media strategy for a leading design college in Los Angeles.

I’m always sharing best practices for digital marketing with my friends and family and I’d like to share those ideas with more people. I’m passionate about the fashion industry and want to empower my peers to develop their social media platforms to be the best they can be using tips and tools that I’ve personally developed as a blogger, social media director and digital marketer.

Social Media Marketer & Brand Journalist, Mani O'Brien

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