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Instagram introduced three new features this week that every fashion social media manager should take advantage of. From highest priority, to lowest:

Instagram Live Stories

Plan your first Instagram Live Story NOW if you haven’t done so already. Instagram just rolled out the option to stream live video from the “Stories” menu this week and users are engaged out of sheer curiosity. As your followers watch your Live Story, they are able to “like” and comment in live-time, which is visible to other viewers. The Live Stories disappear instantaneously, creating an experience that reminds me of the ever-fading Periscope experience.

Tip for fashion brand social media managers: Think of an interesting Q&A or topic to live-chat about with your audience. For example, maybe you share a “report” on five key Winter trends or must-haves featuring a Q&A with your company’s buyer or trend forecaster. If your company specializes in beauty products, Livestream a tutorial and take questions along the way. The key is to plan your Instagram Live Story ahead of time. Unlike Snapchat where you can curate the video clips and photos, Live Stories forces you to think of every second of ‘air time.’ In any case, this is a fantastic opportunity for fashion brands to reach new fans while users are actively curious and engaged.


Quick Take: An overview of the following for your fashion brand Instagram:

  • Instagram Live Stories
  • “Liking” Comments
  • Saving “Liked” Photos

Next-Level Engagement with “Liked” Comments

I know… as if anyone has time for it, Instagram rolled out the option to “Like” your fans’ comments on photos. Engaging with your fans helps to build community and your fans will appreciate the love, so take the time to thank commenters, if you can. For fashion social media managers who already “comment” back by @mentioning their fans often, perhaps this will be a time-saver.

Save “Liked” Photos in Your Library for User Generated Regrams

Hopefully you’re utilizing a lot of user-generated content to post on your main Instagram account. If you’re like me, I spend a lot of time taking screenshots of photos taken by my followers to regram (with proper credit) at a later time. This new feature allows brands to save photos they’ve like in a private library which you can peruse at a later time when you’re posting your UG content. Easier than scanning through your iPhone photo library or sending photos to yourself via direct message.

Read more about the details of the new features below:

Instagram’s Live Video Feature (via Mashable)

Instagram’s “Liking” Comments Feature (via Mashable)

Instagram’s “Saving Liked Photos” Feature (via Mashable)

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