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Quick Take: For a successful takeover

  • Identify a like-minded host
  • Cross-promote on all channels (theirs and yours)
  • Set a pre-determined theme
  • Send detailed instructions to your host

There’s no denying the abundance of content that’s being required of social media managers to produce on a daily basis across multiple accounts. Takeovers can be a great way to collaborate with marketing partners or influencers to not only gain new audiences, but also save you a day (or two) from content production.

Here’s a few ideas for how to host your first takeover:

What’s a Takeover?

In short, a takeover is when a brand or individual “takes over” your account for a day (or more). The most popular platforms for takeovers are Snapchat and Instagram Stories, although your main Instagram photo feed can be a great place to host a takeover, if you and your host share the same visual aesthetic.

Why do a Takeover?

Attract New Fans. A takeover isn’t solely for the benefit of your own fans. Be sure to urge your host to promote their takeover across their social media profiles, too. This exposes your brand on their channels, attracting new customers.

Engage Your Followers. Think of your Snapchat or Instagram Stories channels as your own media outlet. Hosting a fresh face on your account allows your followers to see a personal, fresh take on a topic they are interested in. An example might be for a shoe brand to host a stylist on their Snapchat or Instagram Stories account to talk about hot shoe trends for fall, which helps establish the shoe brand’s credibility and authority on style. See more examples below. The point is, the topic should be of interest to your followers and related to the product/service that you sell.

Pro Tip: make the most of your content. Save each piece of your takeover content as soon as your host has logged out, including individual photos and videos. This content can later be used as visual to recap the takeover in a blog post and sent in an email to your subscribers.


More tips below…


Who to Host?

The first step is to identify an expert or influencer who your followers would be interested in learning from. Obviously the takeover host should also be savvy on the platform that you intend to use. Ideally your host should have equal or more followers than your own account, but keep in mind that followers aren’t the only metric to consider. Look closely at how skilled your host is at engaging their fanbase. If someone with 1,000 followers has 600 average Likes on their photos (a bit unrealistic), this means that your host is killing it at engaging their fans, which is better than someone with 25,000 followers with a 600-Like average.

Consider the following questions when identifying a great host:

  • Are their brand values aligned with yours?
  • Is their aesthetic aligned with your brand (if hosting an Instagram takeover, especially)?
  • Do your customers have an interest in this person, or their expertise?
  • How engaged is their audience on the platform you intend to use?

Pro Tip: Before you waste any time developing a “takeover plan,” send off a brief email to invite a host to collaborate. Compliment them on what you appreciate about their work (or social media account) and ask if they would be interested in collaborating before you send a detailed proposal.

How to Launch:


The most interesting takeovers happen when you’ve given your host a very clear topic or theme to focus on. Be sure to prep a set of guidelines and instructions ahead of time for your host to review prior to the takeover that includes a list of questions that you would like your host to “cover.”


Think through any special rules that you might need your host to agree to. For example, let them know that spelling or factual errors are unacceptable. Be sure to include a minimum number of posts that you’re expecting, and which questions you would like for the host to answer during their takeover. [Scroll down to access our free done-for-you Snapchat Takeover Guide if you’d rather not start from scratch].


  • Cross-Promote the Takeover: Encourage your email subscribers and Facebook/Twitter fans to follow along with the takeover and submit questions to your host.


  • Passwords: Avoid putting your brand’s password on any printable documents. I recommend texting the password to your host, and changing the password as soon as your takeover is complete. If you’re hosting an Instagram photo feed takeover, there’s no need to share passwords. Ask your host to send photos and captions to you (via Dropbox, perhaps?) and let your team post directly to your account as always.


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Good luck on your first takeover! Did I miss any tips or tricks? Tweet me @ManiMon or comment below with your suggestions.

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